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About Us

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Pursetto was inspired by unmet needs people, like the ones your customers have while traveling or just being out and about around home. Now those needs has been transformed into a reliable fixture that helps hospitality and other business professionals make guests feel cared for and relaxed. It also allows staff more time to focus on the service experience, and helps to avoid staff and venue liability. Pursetto gives guests the ability to secure their personal items (handbags, jackets and more) while   charging their mobile devices within their view and reach.

Led by its co-founder and CEO, Jospeh Nadolski, Pursetto has been relocated to South Florida and is now made in the USA. Pursetto is also a veteran-friendly company. 

Pursetto's primary focused is to help you care for your customers in a way that will set your business above your competitors. It provides added comfort, peace of mind and utility for both you patrons and you. 

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