My husband Bill and I love traveling to Mexico! Although there are many reasons we love Mexico, it is the exceptional hospitality we receive when we’re there that continues to draw us back. Whether it’s a small beach town or a big city, we always feel welcomed and feel that our comfort is placed as a priority. For example, while dining in Mexico, most restaurants will offer a table side stand called a Perchero where they thoughtfully place my purse and any other belongings we might have to hang. This is a big deal for me because I was raised with the belief that putting your purse on the floor brings bad luck! And let’s not talk about how unsanitary that is! It’s also not comfortable to have your purse on your lap while you eat or on the back of your chair where it’s harder to keep an eye on. I always wished that these stands were available in San Diego.


One day, after a long day of touring Mexico City, Bill and I stopped for dinner. As usual, the hostess brought us a Perchero where I could hang my purse safely and feel comfortable.  At the same time, I saw the look of panic on Bill’s face when he realized that his phone battery was at 5%! Not a good feeling when you are traveling and in need of a cell phone to get back to the hotel! This is when Bill said “I wish there was a battery in the Perchero so that I can charge my phone.” And this is how the conversation began of how we can build a portable charging stand and help create a more comfortable, enhanced experience with PURSETTO, not only at restaurants, but at any service-based business.

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